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about us

Partnering with Matrix

What We Look For

We are looking for the best and brightest promoters and management teams. In our experience, the quality, passion and commitment of a company's core team are more important than any other element.

We are looking for companies that address a large and growing market with a viable business model that has long-term and sustainable differentiators. A combination of these elements will allow a company to achieve superior growth.

When to Reach Out to Us

We like to get to know promoters early, ideally before they are ready to raise capital. We are also happy to meet with you when you are fundraising.

How and When We Invest

Matrix Partners India invests in companies primarily targeting the Indian market. We have INR 4,500 crores under management and we invest in the mobile internet sector in India.

We are the right partners for companies at the seed, early and early growth stages of a company's evolution. We invest between INR 1 cr and INR 75 cr initially in each company. We prefer to be the lead investor. We often invest on our own but also invest with other investment firms. We are well-capitalized and prepared to make follow-on investments over the life of a company, depending on the company's needs.