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Applications open for The Space, Powai

Applications now open for The Space!

The Space is located at Powai, Mumbai and can accommodate multiple teams of 3-6 individual

Commercial arrangements to cover basic overheads which will be much cheaper than any other equivalent office space in the area

Selection process

To apply please click on the following form

Applications close on May 31, 2016

Acceptance will be communicated via email

Each cycle will be of 3 months' duration - new teams can apply every 3 months and existing teams will need to re-apply

We encourage smaller teams of up-to 6 individuals and new enterprises to apply to use the space

What you can expect from the space and programme

Basic facilities - seats, meeting rooms, coffee, wi-fi, air conditioning

Close proximity with other startup teams - opportunity to learn

Periodic functional sessions with industry experts (e.g., user acquisition, back-end architecture, design) put together by ecosystem partners and the Matrix team

What you should not expect from the space

Expectation to invest - the programme is completely independent of the investment process at Matrix

Incubation/acceleration - this is a co-working space, not a structured incubation programme/accelerator

For any further queries, please email thespace@matrixpartners.com